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Ice hockey puck

The extraordinary present

Would you like to give a real ice hockey fan a special treat? Our tip: Have an ice hockey puck individually printed. With us, in just a few steps, you can design a truly unique piece that will impress on any ice surface. With our innovative concept, we at balleristo ensure that you can have an ice hockey puck personalized from just one piece. Sounds good?



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    Personalized ice hockey puck for advertising purposes or as a gift idea Material: rubber Quality: official IIHF quality Made in Czec...

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    Personalized ice hockey puck for game use Material: rubber Quality: official IIHF quality Made in Czech Republic Good print adhes...

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Why have an ice hockey puck printed?

Anyone who stands on the ice every day, practices the game-winning goal or cheers on their favorite team from the stands will be delighted to receive a personalized ice hockey puck. Let's be honest: fan articles are irreplaceable for real fan love and the equipment is important, but with a printed ice hockey puck you will make your eyes light up, far from the usual.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for something special. You can design an ice hockey puck with the name of the recipient or give the model an individual touch with the logo of the club. We can also print a photo on an ice hockey puck or you can choose a personal message. With our smart ball configurator, there are almost no limits. You still have no idea in terms of design? Never mind. Use our numerous templates, clipart and images.

What to expect when you personalize the ice hockey puck

With us and our selection, you will quickly discover an ice hockey puck for printing that meets your requirements. Because we spend a long time looking for the perfect products, you can rely on us for quality and high-quality workmanship. After personalization, an ice hockey puck is not only an eye-catcher, but also impresses with its outstanding playing characteristics on every ice surface.

When it comes to printing technology, we use the most advanced processes that the market has to offer: With our lively 4D print, we are setting new standards in personalization and can print an ice hockey puck from just one piece. With the help of pioneering techniques, we are able to provide three-dimensional objects such as ice hockey pucks with an individual look in top quality, which gives them impressive durability and an unmistakable appearance.

Interesting to know: We are among the pioneers among printers and were the first climate-neutral company in the world to be recognized. In each of our work steps, we rely on sustainable action and resource-saving use of materials, energy and manpower. Sustainability is a philosophy we live by.

You can personalize these ice hockey pucks with us:


The ice hockey puck BULLY by balleristo is made of robust rubber and is of official IIHF quality. The puck, made in the Czech Republic, can be easily personalized and impresses with its unique playing characteristics during training.


When it comes to regular game operations, the ice hockey puck Match IIHF from balleristo is the first choice. Manufactured in the Czech Republic and made of robust rubber, it meets the official IIHF quality. Thanks to a special protective coating, it also has excellent print adhesion and a long service life.

We at balleristo have just the right ice hockey puck ready to personalize for every occasion and every age group. Didn't find what you were looking for or do you have a special request for an ice hockey puck design? Feel free to contact us without obligation. Together we will find the best solution.