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motorcycle helmet

Have your motorcycle helmet printed – stay safe and stylish on the slopes

With us, the dream of an individual motorcycle helmet with a completely personalized design comes true - from just one piece. Get to know our selection now!

  • Neotec II Separator TC-10 flip-up helmet white-blue-red

    Original price CHF 850.00 - Original price CHF 850.00
    Original price
    CHF 850.00
    CHF 850.00 - CHF 850.00
    Current price CHF 850.00

    Neotec II | Print individually now Bring style and safety to your next ride! The Neotec II Separator TC-10 in cool white-blue-red colors gives y...

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  • Full face helmet X-Spirit Pro Candy matt black

    Original price CHF 899.00 - Original price CHF 899.00
    Original price
    CHF 899.00
    CHF 899.00 - CHF 899.00
    Current price CHF 899.00

    X-Spirit Pro - The ultimate racing helmet Professional racing helmet Three hundred fifty kilometers an hour. At this speed, at which planes ha...

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  • Full face helmet NXR2 Uni matt black

    Original price CHF 599.00 - Original price CHF 599.00
    Original price
    CHF 599.00
    CHF 599.00 - CHF 599.00
    Current price CHF 599.00

    NXR2 – Sporty road helmet The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. It is essentially the components comfortable fit, highly effi...

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Why have a motorcycle helmet printed?

With the personalization of a motorcycle helmet, it can be designed exactly according to the preferences of the wearer. This applies to both the color and the print. This creates a truly unique piece that reflects the passion for the hobby and makes a real statement. There is no doubt that an individually printed motorcycle helmet is much more popular and complements the rest of the protective clothing fabulously. If you want to make a biker's eyes shine, having a motorcycle helmet printed is an excellent idea and very easy with us.

After you have started the helmet configurator online, you can add the name of the recipient, have a message printed or even place a photo on the printing surface. There are no limits to your ideas when designing a personalized motorcycle helmet. You still need some inspiration? Feel free to use our numerous templates, cliparts and images.

What to expect from having your motorcycle helmet printed

We don't compromise on printing or our pressure carriers, which is why we chose Shoei motorcycle helmets. Since it was founded more than 60 years ago, these have been manufactured by hand in a complex process. The most advanced materials are used for this, the durability of which is checked after each production using highly developed test methods. The permanent further development of motorcycle helmets makes Shoei one of the leading suppliers on the market.

Our colored 4D printing opens up completely new ways of personalization in the smallest of runs from just one piece at a fair price-performance ratio. The advanced technology allows us to print three-dimensional objects such as motorcycle helmets in the highest quality and to create not only an extraordinary look but also a special longevity.

Because we know our responsibility: We are one of the very first print shops in the world to be certified as a climate-neutral company. In addition, it goes without saying that we act sustainably in all our processes and are committed to the environment. You can personalize these motorcycle helmets with us:

Neotec II Separator TC-10

The Neotec II Separator TC-10 in the appealing colors of white, blue and red combines uncompromising functionality with appealing aesthetics. Thanks to the comfortable ventilation system and the perfect fit, safety is the focus, while the individual design makes a statement. Perfect for every tour!

NXR2 full face helmet

Sporty elegance meets comfortable safety with the NXR2 full-face helmet. The ideal fit, efficient ventilation and proven aerodynamics meet the highest demands. With years of experience in manufacturing, SHOEI offers the NXR2, a premium sports helmet that skilfully combines tradition and modernity.

X Spirit Pro

The X-Spirit Pro in a matt black is the ultimate racing helmet for high speeds. This was specially developed for borderline situations and offers maximum stability thanks to its uncompromising design and aerodynamic shape. An efficient ventilation system ensures maximum fresh air supply and ensures the decisive advantage on the race track.

Whether for hobby bikers, racing drivers or passionate motorsport fans, a personalized motorcycle helmet is a great gift idea for every occasion. If you have any special requests or questions, please contact us at balleristo personally.