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A unique piece for volleyball fans

Conquer the heart of a real volleyball fan in no time by having us individually print a model of your choice. Personalized volleyballs as an extraordinary gift provide a unique surprise on numerous occasions such as birthdays, passing your driving license or Christmas.

  • MIKASA V200W

    Original price CHF 115.00 - Original price CHF 115.00
    Original price
    CHF 115.00
    CHF 115.00 - CHF 115.00
    Current price CHF 115.00

    The MIKASA V200W is the match ball the professionals choose! It's built to handle any challenge - playing volleyball has never been so easy and fu...

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  • MIKASA V330W

    Original price CHF 97.00 - Original price CHF 97.00
    Original price
    CHF 97.00
    CHF 97.00 - CHF 97.00
    Current price CHF 97.00

    Experience the ultimate volleyball training with the MIKASA V330W! Our high-quality material is ideal for recreational and professional players. B...

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    Original price CHF 115.00 - Original price CHF 115.00
    Original price
    CHF 115.00
    CHF 115.00 - CHF 115.00
    Current price CHF 115.00

    The MIKASA VLS300 beach volleyball features specially developed beach technology to meet the highest demands of professional matches. In addition,...

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  • MOLTEN V5M4500

    Original price CHF 69.00 - Original price CHF 69.00
    Original price
    CHF 69.00
    CHF 69.00 - CHF 69.00
    Current price CHF 69.00

    Product details competition ball soft synthetic leather very good playing properties DVV2 test mark Other Size: 5 | Leve...

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    Original price CHF 99.00 - Original price CHF 99.00
    Original price
    CHF 99.00
    CHF 99.00 - CHF 99.00
    Current price CHF 99.00

    Replica ball of the official match ball VLS 300 (Olympic Games match ball), in a new design for better visibility. 10-piece ball cover with a re...

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  • MOLTEN V5M5000

    Original price CHF 95.00 - Original price CHF 95.00
    Original price
    CHF 95.00
    CHF 95.00 - CHF 95.00
    Current price CHF 95.00

    Product details Top competition ball super soft synthetic leather honeycomb structure Flistatec® technology for stable flight behavi...

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Why have a volleyball printed?

Over the years, you can run out of ideas when you're looking for a present that really makes people happy. socks? Books? Coupon? Forget conventional gifts with us from balleristo, which are practical but not very creative. We help you to make volleyball lovers' eyes shine and personalize high-quality volleyballs according to your ideas.

Choose to print the name of the recipient(s) or the name of your favorite player. You can also send us the logo of your favorite club, which we will immortalize on the personalized volleyball along with a photo or a message. Let all your creativity and imagination run free. Our ball configurator is available online for you to design and will also provide you with a lot of inspiration in the form of templates, clip art and images.

What to expect when getting your volleyballs printed

With us you will find an exclusive selection of volleyballs that are ideal for personalization. We only print high-quality models that convince with quality and careful processing. What else makes the difference for us? Personalized volleyballs are not only characterized by their unique look, but also have excellent playing characteristics on the field, in the hall and in the sand.

With our printing process, we rely on the most advanced technologies. Brilliant 4D printing opens up unprecedented dimensions of personalization, even for smaller quantities from just one print, at a fair price-performance ratio. With the help of these smart techniques, we are able to print three-dimensional objects such as volleyballs in such a way that they have exceptional durability and a distinctive appearance.

Did you know: We were the first printing company in the world to be certified as a climate-neutral company and attach great importance to sustainability in all of our processes. For us, there is no question about making a long-term contribution to preserving the environment.

You can personalize these volleyballs with us:


The MOLTEN V5M4500 competition ball is made of soft synthetic leather, which ensures very good playing characteristics. With its DVV2 test mark, it is ideal for demanding volleyball matches.


The MIKASA VLS300 beach volleyball sets new standards in terms of professional games with its unique beach technology, which was specially developed for the highest demands of professional matches.


With the MIKASA V200W, a real match ball for professionals, a new level of volleyball is heralded. The robust design is built to withstand any challenge.

Found your volleyball to print? Start the ball configurator directly and easily give the ball a personal character. Do you have special wishes for a personalized volleyball, but couldn't find it with us? No problem. Please feel free to contact us personally.