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Personalisierte Geschenke ab Auflage 1

Personalisierte Geschenke ab Auflage 1

Suchst Du nach einem einzigartigen Geschenk für Deine Liebsten? Dann gestalte bei balleristo dein Markenprodukt individuell mit deinem Bild, Text oder Logo. Für jeden Anlass das perfekte personalisierte Geschenk.

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Design quickly and easily in the configurator

Design quickly and easily in the configurator

Your creativity knows no limits! Design according to your ideas in the configurator and incorporate your own images, texts and logos into your design.

This is how your bottle is printed!

Personalized gift ideas from balleristo

If you are looking for a very special present, personalized gifts offer a wonderful way to combine individuality and creativity. From water bottles to sports balls to helmets, suitcases and even beer kegs, when it comes to personalization, the magic starts with Edition 1.

Personalized drinking bottles: The perfect companion

A personalized water bottle is not only practical for everyday use, but also an expression of personal style. Ideal for athletes, office workers or as a traveling companion, a drinking bottle with an individual engraving or a printed name becomes a distinctive accessory that exudes both functionality and personality.

Sports balls with a personal touch: Show who is playing!

Whether football, basketball or volleyball – a sports ball with an individual design is a real highlight for every type of game and sport. Here you can have your own logo, the name of the recipient or even a personal message printed on it. This means that every game becomes an event and the personal gift remains a vivid memory.

Helmets: Safety meets uniqueness

A helmet not only protects, but also offers an ideal area for personalization. Whether for cyclists, skaters or motorcyclists – a personalized helmet is the ultimate in a well-thought-out gift. Equipped with individual colors, patterns or images, the helmet becomes an expression of personal taste and increases the joy of safety.

Suitcase: Travel in style

A personalized suitcase is not only an unmistakable item on the luggage carousel, but also a wonderful companion with a personal touch. Whether with a simple monogram, an all-over photo print or stylish decorations – a personalized suitcase turns every trip into an individual adventure.

Beer barrel: For lovers of good taste

An individualized beer barrel is the crowning achievement for every beer lover or for gourmet events. What could be more impressive than serving a house beer from a barrel with your own name or motif? The personalized beer barrel combines enjoyment and originality in perfect harmony.

Personalized gifts are a trend that reflects the desire for uniqueness. With an individual gift you can create unforgettable moments and show that you have really put some thought into it. Let your creativity run wild and choose a gift that suits the recipient - whether they are an adventurer, athlete or connoisseur. Each of these gifts is available from edition 1 and allows you to create unique pieces with personal meaning.